Smiles all around for World Adoption Day

World Adoption Day

Have a glance on social media on November 9th and you may see many pictures of celebrities, instagrammers and other influencers sporting smiley faces on their hands. The reason? It’s World Adoption Day!

The idea is that you draw a smiley face on your hand, take a photo of it and share it with the world. In the 6 years since the first #WorldAdoptionDay, over 60,000 people from around the globe, representing all seven continents, have taken part in the celebration.

The organizers want to let adoptees know that they are not alone: “Every adoption journey is different, but most stories often start from a painful place where a mother and a child are tragically separated. On #WorldAdoptionDay, you might be reconciling your own adoption experience, whether you’re an adoptee, expectant mom, adoptive parent, a sibling of an adoptee or in the waiting period, but you are not alone.”

People are also being encouraged to share their story and celebrate families brought together through adoption.


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