Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Using science and technology to give people the answers they need to improve their lives or the lives of others.

Our Vision

Become the brand leader and natural choice for diagnostic testing by:

  1. expanding our testing portfolio through continuous innovation, so we can reach more people
  2. delivering the highest quality analytical testing, together with exceptional levels of customer service
  3. simplifying complex scientific testing, making it more accessible and affordable

Our Values

CARE is at the heart of what we do – care in our work, care for our customers, and care for each other.

CARE should wrap around and permeate every single aspect of our business.

Our values therefore encapsulate CARE.

Meet or exceed customer expectations on every occasion, whether an external or internal customer

Take ownership of your area of work and of problems within your scope of expertise

We are all part of the same team; all roles and people are equally important and deserve the same level of respect

Strive to constantly improve your own performance, the performance of your team, and the performance of the wider company