Our Mission: AlphaBiolabs

Your DNA is what is in our DNA.

Bringing you the best in DNA testing services

We provide cost-effective, accurate, rapid DNA testing. We continually invest in the latest technology, new equipment and expert technicians to maintain the highest possible quality standards. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and our friendly Client Services team is always on hand to help.

For its clients, AlphaBiolabs aims to:

  • Meet their requirements and exceed their expectations for performance, delivery, client care and quality
  • Provide the best possible solution that delivers the best value to the client at all times
  • Ensure total client satisfaction
  • Provide the most accurate DNA testing service in the USA
  • Provide the fastest DNA testing service in the USA
  • Invest in the latest technologies and improve company procedures

For its employees, AlphaBiolabs aims to:

  • Treat all staff equally and help their careers to flourish
  • Keep communication channels open and inform all parties of new developments
  • Communicate effectively across departmental lines
  • Encourage and maintain a balanced and supportive atmosphere through mutual respect, teamwork, efficiency, and continued professional and personal growth