Grandparents secretly DNA test grandson

Grandparents secretly DNA test grandson

A man has described how his parents secretly did a DNA test on his baby because they didn’t trust his wife.

The man met his wife while she was working as a waitress. “I introduced her to my parents, and they voiced out their disapproval after meeting her. My parents think that Sonya is only using me to achieve her American dream. I told them that is racist and I am very offended by their assumption.”

When he proposed, Sonya’s parents were overjoyed, but his parents voiced their disapproval and refused to give their blessing. After 2 years of no contact with the married pair, the grandparents got in touch again after the wife gave birth to a boy. They then began to visit regularly to see their grandson, Garreth

In his anonymous post on Reddit, the man said: “One day while dad and mom were playing with Garreth, mom said something along the lines of ‘aren’t you the cutest baby ever? I am so glad to confirm you are indeed my grandson’.” When asked what she meant by that, the grandmother apologized to her son before confessing to have DNA tested Garreth to confirm he was indeed their grandchild.

“I was speechless for a moment and before I blew up from anger. My mum was very apologetic and said it is because they don’t trust my wife and that our son looks nothing like me.” He then told his parents to leave, only telling his wife about the incident 2 weeks later. Once he told her, she said that she can “no longer let my parents into out child’s life and I agreed with her”.

He has now cut his parents out of his life, much to the fury of his father. He concluded the post by asking the Reddit community whether he had overreacted. However, it seemed like the vast majority were on his side.

What is grandparent DNA testing?

Grandparent DNA tests can verify the biological relationship of a child to one or more of their potential grandparents. One of the main reasons AlphaBiolabs performs a grandparent test is when a child’s potential father is unavailable for paternity testing or, as above, when the child’s grandparents are concerned about their true relationship to the child.

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The grandparent test works by analyzing the DNA samples of each individual taking part. The samples are collected simply and painlessly using a large Q-tip. The DNA profiles are then examined. Since a child inherits half of his or her genetic profile from each biological parent, our scientists can look to the grandparents to determine if they contributed DNA to the child’s genetic profile.

DNA samples can also be obtained in a more discreet way using the child’s toothbrush or nail clippings.

As well as the at-home grandparent DNA test, AlphaBiolabs provides a wide range of DNA tests that can all be performed in your home. You can order your grandparent DNA test directly via our website for $179. Once we’ve received your DNA samples, you’ll receive your results in 3–5 working days. To find out more, contact our knowledgeable Client Services team for confidential advice on (727) 325-2902 or via live chat.

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