All about DNA testing nails

All about DNA testing nails

AlphaBiolabs has an experienced team of DNA scientists that have developed efficient methods of analyzing DNA from cheek (buccal) cells and even toothbrush samples. The latest addition to the range of DNA testing services is nail clippings.

Extensive trials have proven nails to be a good source of DNA. Nail samples are easy to self-collect without needing a collection kit and are less invasive than using a mouth swab. The collected nails are stable so can be stored long-term at room temperature and can be transported to the lab for processing by regular mail.

Nail DNA sample collection

Both toe nails and finger nails can be used for nail DNA testing. Larger nails are preferred and clippings need to be taken as near to the nail bed as possible as this provides more sample to be analyzed. The advantage of using toe nails over finger nails is that there is less potential for contamination. Acrylic nails, Shellac, gel nails and other forms of nail polish may need to be removed as this may impact on the DNA results.

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Unique usage of nail DNA testing

One of the main applications of nail DNA testing is when an individual has passed away. Consent is needed for all nail samples that are sent in to be analyzed. To process a deceased individual’s nail sample, consent would need to be granted from the next of kin or another qualifying relative.

The DNA profile created from the nail DNA test may be needed to prove a biological relationship. Alternatively, a DNA profile could be made into a lasting memento of a loved one. Results from DNA testing nails are available in 5 days from receipt in the lab. To find out more about nail DNA test, contact us via Live Chat or call now at 727-325-2902.

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