Did Prince Harry really ask for a paternity test?

With Baby Sussex due at the end of this month, or the beginning of May, excitement on the impending birth is growing. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex who married in May 2018 announced last week that they are planning to keep details of the birth under wraps to settle into parenthood away from media attention. However, a Royal commentator has suggested they will have little time to celebrate privately and will have to announce the arrival of the Royal Baby within hours of the birth to avoid any leaks.

And media leaks are not uncommon to the Royal couple. While they were enjoying a 3-day official tour of Morocco, Harry, known for his cheeky sense of humor, joked that Meghan’s baby might not be his.

Whilst the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Education For All, a boarding house that supports female education in the rural communities of the High Atlas mountain range, the couple chatted with a few of the school’s teachers.

“I wish to say congratulations for your pregnancy”, said one of the women in attendance.

Harry smiled and turned towards his wife and said, “Wait, you’re pregnant?”

“Surprise!” Meghan replied as people in the room laughed.

“Is it mine?”, he added mischievously.

We’re not sure if Meghan saw the funny side…

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