Triplets who tried to exploit identical DNA jailed for gun crimes

Identical triplets from London, UK, have been jailed after police were able to establish that all three brothers were involved in crimes. The Gabriel triplets, aged 28 years old, were jailed for firearms offenses last week.

The brothers were the last of eight men to be charged in relation to the seizure of three guns (an Uzi submachine gun, a self-loading pistol and a loaded revolver) and ammunition by armed police in April 2017. It was only after performing further tests on the pistol that the police discovered DNA linked to the triplets, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Since the DNA could not be attributed to just one of the brothers, mobile phone and surveillance evidence was needed to prove the involvement of all three.

Scotland Yard temporary Detective Chief Inspector Driss Hayoukane said: “The trio tried to exploit their identical DNA and appearance to try and evade the consequences of their actions, but the hard work of the investigation team prevented their attempts”.

Two of the triplets, Ricky and Ralston, both semi-professional soccer players, were jailed for 14 years by a court after being found guilty of conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to endanger life. The third triplet, Reiss, was also found guilty of this offense (as well as three further ones) and was jailed for 18 years.

At the triplets’ sentencing, Judge John Hillen told them: “All three of you were involved in an agreement to source and deliver the weapons to an extremely dangerous criminal, Aron Thomas, for his use”.

Aron Thomas received a life sentence in the same case last year for possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

“These types of weapons would have been used against a person or persons, and a police intervention is the only reason any serious harm did not occur”, Hillen said.

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