Ohio couple discover the truth about IVF mix-up following DNA test

A couple in Ohio are suing a fertility clinic after a DNA test revealed that their adult daughter was mistakenly fathered by another man.

Mike and Jeanine Harvey learned the shocking truth about their daughter Jessica’s paternity after gifting her a genealogical DNA test for Christmas in 2020.

Jessica, who was conceived via IVF treatment, was allegedly fathered by a stranger after another man’s sperm was mistakenly used in place of Mr Harvey’s during the insemination process.

The family has sued the Akron, Ohio-based Summa Health System and Dr. Nicholas Spirtos, the specialist who performed the procedure in 2001.

Finding the truth with paternity testing

The case of Mike and Jeanine Harvey, which has received widespread coverage around the world, highlights the important role that paternity testing can play in identifying a child’s true parentage.

In most cases, a couple expecting a child together will know who the father is. However, there are some circumstances where a paternity test can help you find out the truth.

Perhaps you’re a mom who’s unsure of who your child’s father is?

Maybe you’ve paid for IVF treatment and want to check that the procedure has been performed correctly?

Or you’re a new father who wants a paternity test for peace of mind?

Whatever your reasons for ordering a paternity test, advances in medical science mean that there are many options available for parents who have questions.

As an accredited testing laboratory, AlphaBiolabs provides two non-invasive options for peace of mind paternity testing:

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Unlike a court-ordered paternity test, which follows strict rules for sample collection, a peace of mind paternity test is one you can perform yourself at home, using the kit that AlphaBiolabs sends to the address of your choice.

The secure, confidential results of your test are shared with you for your own peace of mind but are inadmissible in court proceedings.

For prenatal paternity tests, mom’s blood sample needs to be drawn by a medical professional.

Why choose AlphaBiolabs for your paternity test?

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Photo credit: The Harvey family