Mom gives birth to ‘miracle’ twin boys after conceiving naturally within days of IVF

A mom from Australia has revealed how she conceived ‘twin’ boys seven days apart.

Kimberley Tripp, from Brisbane, was told by doctors that she may never have children. Yet in March 2020, she gave birth to sons Patrick and Leo. The twins were born due to a medical phenomenon known as superfetation.

Unlike traditional twins, which occur either when two eggs are fertilized simultaneously (fraternal twins), or when a fertilized egg splits in two (identical twins), superfetation leads to a woman becoming pregnant with an additional fetus when she’s already pregnant.

Differences between identical and fraternal twins

During most pregnancies, a woman’s ovaries stop releasing eggs, which makes it impossible for a second pregnancy to occur. When superfetation happens, the process of ovulation continues, making it possible for the woman to fall pregnant for a second time.

Kimberley’s sons are technically considered to be twins, as they were born on the same day.

Before they were born, Kimberley was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). As a result, she and husband Adrian spent thousands of Australian dollars on four rounds of IVF before one embryo was transferred successfully.

The couple only discovered the ‘miracle’ twins during a six-week IVF scan.

Kimberley said: “It was something we thought might never happen. Then at our first ultrasound at six weeks along, we discovered that there was not just one baby, but two. I was in total shock.”

She added: “The IVF specialist explained to me that due to all the medication I was taking for the IVF, it must have kick-started my fertility. This meant I was able to ovulate and conceive naturally at the same time.”

There is no way for the family to know which child was conceived first. However, Kimberley believes that Patrick may have been conceived first, either naturally or via IVF, as he is slightly bigger than his brother, Leo.

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