How do I find out if I am an identical twin?

Identical twin testing

Twins will be identical or fraternal depending on how the babies were formed.

Fraternal (or non-identical twins) are the result of separate fertilized eggs and are known as dizygotic, which means they have two zygotes. These babies share DNA in common as in the case of siblings from different births. However, they are no more alike than any other brothers or sisters, and they may be both male, both female, or one of each.

Identical twins are formed from a single fertilized egg, which went on to split into separate embryos. This means that these babies’ DNA is exactly the same and they are known as monozygotic.

Identical vs fraternal twins

However, it’s not always clear in utero whether twins are identical. They don’t always share the same placenta and sac: it all depends on when the eggs splits.

By the time that twins are around 2 years of age, it may be quite clear from their physical features (such as hair and eye colour, ear shape and teeth formation) whether they are identical or not. Some identical twins, however, don’t look exactly the same: there can be minor differences between siblings that lead their parents to believe they are non-identical.

The only way to know for sure whether twins are identical or fraternal is through a twin DNA test (also known as zygosity testing).

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What does an identical twin test entail?

The twin test involves analyzing tiny amounts of DNA from inside each sibling’s mouth. A simple mouth swab is all that is needed to collect these samples. Back at our laboratory, specific markers present in repeat sections of DNA are examined and compared between the tested individuals. Identical twins will share the same DNA profile whereas non-identical siblings will have different DNA profiles.

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