DNA test reveals 72-year-old baby switch

DNA test reveals 72-year-old baby switch

We read every week about how DNA tests can turn up surprising results: unknown relatives can make an appearance, people discover they were adopted as babies, and our ancestry result may not place us in the ethnic group we had thought we were in. And yet when 72-year-old Denise Juneski got her DNA results, it was more than a surprise: she matched none of her close relatives.

Around the same time, a relative of 72-year-old Linda Jourdeans also discovered Juneski in her family tree but not Jourdeans.

Through research and additional DNA tests, the two families discovered that both women, born on the same day at the same hospital, were switched at birth. They were born on 19th December 1945, less than 1 hour apart, at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul. No one knows how the switch happened, but the babies seemingly left the hospital with the wrong families.

Apparently, both women stood out in the families in which they were raised: one a red-haired girl in a family of blondes, the other a blonde in a family of red and brown hair. Since making their startling discovery, both women have met, and are getting to know relatives they didn’t realize they had.

Jourdeans has met her biological mother, who’s 99 years old. Juneski’s biological mother sadly died at the age of 42 from cancer.

The women said they are thankful to know the truth after all of these years.

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