DNA reveals three babies abandoned 3 years apart are siblings

DNA reveals three babies abandoned 3 years apart are siblings

Three babies abandoned on three separate occasions at the same apartment complex in Orlando, Florida, have been proven to have the same biological parents. DNA testing proved that the children were born to the same parents in 2016, 2017 and 2019.

According to Orlando Police Department, the three babies were all found at the Willow Key Apartments, part of the Arnold Palmer Drive luxury complex.

The findings were first revealed in a memo from detectives seeking funding to analyze DNA of the three children in an effort to track down their missing parents. Detective Ghena Wasserman Luker wrote that the similar manner in which all three children were abandoned on a resident’s stoop made police believe they must be related.

Detective Luker wrote that a note discovered at the scene of the 2019 baby explained it was left at the location because the mother was in fear of the child’s father. A similar note was left with the newborn abandoned in 2017.

“Based on the egregious and neglectful behavior of the parent(s), and the bizarre facts of this case, unlike any other documented case, it is imperative to conduct a well-being check of all involved parties. This cannot be done without the assistance of United Data Connect.”

City commissioners approved the $5000 funding to hire United Data Connect, which maintains a database of DNA profiles, to track down the parents.

Initial DNA testing identified several possible family members of the babies. However, more specialized knowledge from a genetic genealogist was needed to interpret the DNA and determine the parents.

Orlando police said in a statement that while the three infants were confirmed to be siblings, no other details could be shared to protect their identity.

“If we are able to identify the mother, her safety is our top priority, as well as the safety of any other potential children”, the police said.

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