Our DNA Paternity Test Kit

What is included in the home paternity test kit?

The AlphaBiolabs paternity test kit

In your paternity test kit you will get:

  • Peace of Mind DNA test request/consent form
  • Complete instructions on how to take the DNA paternity test and how to return the sample(s)
  • An already-addressed envelope to send the DNA test sample(s) back to AlphaBiolabs
  • Three DNA sample collection swab packages containing two swabs in each package
  • Individual DNA test sample envelopes for the possible father, child and mother (if available). Extra individuals can be easily added from the product options.

When you receive your paternity test kit please read all the information enclosed carefully and follow the sample collection instructions. Please be careful when opening the packaging so as not to damage the DNA testing swabs.

Please note: We cannot start processing the testing material until all consent forms are signed by all parties involved. If you have any questions or require further information, contact us via Live Chat or call us now on 727-325-2902.

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