How long does it take to get DNA Paternity Test results?

Casey Randall Alphabiolabs

By Casey Randall, Head of Genetics at AlphaBiolabs
Last reviewed: 11/09/2023

As a leading provider of peace of mind paternity testing, we are often asked how long it takes to receive paternity test results once you’ve submitted DNA samples for testing.

In this article, we explore how a paternity test works, how quickly you’ll receive your results, and what factors can delay a paternity test result.

How does a paternity test work?

All our peace of mind paternity tests are performed in the same way, whether you want to verify paternity of an adult, or a baby who has recently been born.

Paternity testing works by comparing a child’s DNA profile with that of the potential father(s).

An AlphaBiolabs paternity test looks at up to 45 DNA markers (loci) to identify which half of the child’s DNA is inherited from the potential father.

Every person inherits half of their DNA from each of their biological parents, so this comparison can help us to establish the probability of paternity.

When testing the biological father of the child, both will share identical sections of DNA at each marker. When the man tested is not the biological father, the man and child will not share enough DNA to verify a relationship.

How long will it take to get my paternity test results?

For just $109, AlphaBiolabs can provide you with your confidential paternity test results in 3 business days.

Order a DNA Paternity Test Online

When you order your paternity test online, we’ll ship it out to you immediately.

Once you have received your kit and taken your cheek swab samples, you will need to post the samples back to our laboratory.

As soon as we receive your DNA samples, we begin the testing process at our accredited laboratory.

Once we have completed our analysis, our expert reporting scientists will prepare your results. Your password-protected results will then be emailed to you in 3 business days.

What can delay a paternity test result?

Provided your samples have been collected correctly and your test request/consent form (enclosed with your kit) is completed as required, you will not experience any delay receiving your results.

However, while it is extremely rare for an AlphaBiolabs paternity test result to be delayed, there are some instances where this can happen – most of which are preventable.

Examples include:

If we do not have the correct consent to proceed with your DNA test

For an AlphaBiolabs paternity test, any person aged 16 or over must provide written consent (a signature) for their DNA samples to be tested.

If we find that these signatures have not been provided when you return your test request/consent form to us, we will not be able to perform a DNA test until the correct consent has been given.

For children under the age of 16, consent must be provided by an adult with parental responsibility for the child.

Incorrect postage

When returning the DNA samples to our laboratory, it is vital that the correct postage is applied to your package to prevent any delays.

If your package does not have the correct postage, this is likely to delay the receipt of the DNA samples by our laboratory, the analysis of the samples and, subsequently, the delivery of your test results.

When you’re ready to mail your DNA samples back to our laboratory, we strongly recommend taking your package to your local Post Office where it can be weighed, and the correct postage applied.

If you do not disclose the biological relationship (to the child) of any potential fathers being tested

As a leading provider of DNA testing services, we appreciate that deciding to order a paternity test is not an easy decision to make.

However, to ensure you receive your result as quickly as possible, it is vitally important that you are truthful when completing your test request/consent form.

For example, in the rare instance that a potential father is a close male relative of the child in question (e.g. an uncle, or the father of the mother), it is crucial that our expert geneticists are aware of this fact before proceeding with paternity testing.

This will help prevent any delays analyzing the DNA samples at the laboratory and providing you with a result.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to provide your paternity test results within the expected timeframe (3 business days from receipt at our laboratory), a member of our Customer Services team will notify you as soon as possible.

Can you get a paternity test that gives instant results?

Due to the complex nature of DNA relationship testing, it is not possible to receive an instant paternity test result.

Once you have placed your order for an AlphaBiolabs paternity test, you will receive your results within 3 business days of your DNA samples being received by our laboratory.

Your discreet results will be emailed to you as standard and are password-protected for full confidentiality.

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Is it easy to take DNA samples for a paternity test?

Our at-home DNA paternity test has been designed to be very quick and easy, so you can collect your DNA samples yourself without the need for a sample collector to visit your home.

For a paternity test to be performed, we simply need the DNA samples of the potential father and the child, so that we can compare the two DNA samples at the laboratory.

DNA samples need to be collected using a cheek (buccal) swab (like a cotton swab or Q-tip®).

Each paternity test kit contains two collection swab packages, with two swabs in each package, along with full instructions on how to collect the DNA samples and return them to our laboratory for analysis.

To collect the DNA sample, the test participant (potential father) must rub their cheek (buccal) swab gently but firmly on the inside of the cheek to collect a sample of cheek cell DNA.

This process should then be repeated for the child. For children under the age of 16, this can either be done by an adult to ensure the sample is collected correctly, or with adult supervision (depending on the age of the child).

The DNA samples of the potential father and child can then be secured (separately) as explained in the test kit instructions and returned to AlphaBiolabs’ DNA laboratory.

It is important to remember that a DNA test cannot be performed without the written consent (a signature) of any person aged 16 or over submitting their samples for testing.

If the child is under 16, consent must be provided by an adult with parental responsibility for that child.

Where can I order a paternity test online?

With an AlphaBiolabs paternity test, it is possible to verify a child’s paternity using the very latest methods in DNA analysis.

You can quickly and easily order your paternity test online now for just $109.

Still have questions about our paternity testing? Visit our Learning Center for more information.

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services team on 727-325-2902 or by using our Live Chat, or by emailing

Order a Home DNA Paternity Test Online


Casey Randall AlphaBiolabs

Casey Randall

Head of Genetics at AlphaBiolabs
Casey joined AlphaBiolabs in 2012 and heads up both the Genetics and Health testing teams. An expert in DNA analysis and a member of the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG), Casey holds an MS degree in DNA Profiling and a BS degree in Forensic Science. Casey is responsible for maintaining the highest quality testing standards, as well as looking for ways to further enhance the service that AlphaBiolabs provides and exploring new and innovative techniques in DNA analysis.

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