• Which Paternity Test Do I Choose?
    Is the person you believe to be the biological father
    available and willing to be tested?
    • No
      The potential father is not
      available or does not wish to be tested.
      • Who Is Available?
        We can still help identify
        a father with DNA from his family.
        • His Parents
          • Grandparent DNA Test
            Choose the
            Home Grandparent Test Kit
        • His Brother or Sister
          • Uncle or Aunt DNA Test
            Choose the
            Home Uncle Test Kit or
            Home AuntTest Kit
        • A Child of His
          • Sibling DNA Test
            Choose the
            Home Sibling Test Kit
    • Yes
      The father is available and
      he is willing to be tested.
      • At-Home Paternity Test
        Choose the
        Home Paternity Test Kit.