Utah Testing Services

Do you require a DNA Paternity, DNA Family Relationship, Drug, Alcohol, Celiac or Lactose test in Utah? We can assist you!

  • Private DNA test results available in as little as 3 days (rapid paternity & family relationship testing results)
  • Fully certified for DNA paternity testing using up to 42 markers, utilizing state-of-art DNA technology to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of our genetic testing
  • Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing with no risk for mom or baby
  • Variety of drug and alcohol testing available with fast results
  • Range of health testing including genetic celiac and lactose testing
  • Sample collection centers throughout Utah and nationwide
  • All testing kits mailed to your home using non-branded packaging
  • Our laboratory standards are ISO 17025 accredited
  • All reports emailed are password-protected for security
  • US-based confidential client services and advice line

DNA Paternity & Family Relationship testing services in Utah

We have a vast portfolio of DNA testing services that can be ordered securely online and can be mailed to any designated address of your choosing, throughout most states in the US and internationally.

You can also call our dedicated customer services center for a FREE consultation to discuss your testing requirements and options.

Our ‘Peace of Mind’ DNA testing services just require a simple mouth (buccal) swab to collect the DNA samples. Swabs and full instructions are included in your DNA testing kit, so you can easily collect and return the samples yourself. If you prefer, we also have a number of mobile collectors and collection centers to assist you with the collection of DNA samples.

Once your DNA samples have been received by our accredited laboratory, you will receive your test results in as little as 3 days, depending on the type of test chosen.

DNA Paternity testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

Our accredited Peace of Mind DNA paternity tests accurately confirm the paternity of a child.

We offer exceptionally fast testing times, with results in as little as 3 days.

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DNA Paternity Test
Prenatal Paternity Test

DNA Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

Our non-invasive prenatal paternity test is 100% risk-free for both mother and baby and can be completed as early as 7 weeks into the mother’s pregnancy.

Many other companies offer prenatal paternity tests such as chorionic villus/CVS or amniocentesis – with both procedures carrying a small risk of miscarriage.

Our non-invasive prenatal paternity test simply requires a blood sample from the mother, and cheek swabs from the mother and the possible father.

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Sibling DNA testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

Our sibling DNA test confirms whether brothers and/or sisters share the same biological father, mother, or mother & father, with guaranteed high accuracy results.

Our highly-experienced laboratory team applies sophisticated statistical analysis to calculate the amount of shared DNA and determine if there is a biological relationship between the participants being tested.

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Sibling DNA Test
Aunt DNA Test
Uncle DNA Test

Aunt/Uncle DNA testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

Aunt and/or uncle DNA testing (also referred to as an avuncular test) can be used when a potential father or mother has passed away, or is unavailable to participate in a paternity/maternity test.

The test can verify the biological relationship of an aunt or uncle to their niece or nephew.

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Aunt DNA Test Uncle DNA Test

Grandparent DNA testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

Grandparent DNA testing can be used when a potential father or mother has passed away or is unavailable to participate in a paternity/maternity test.

The test can verify the biological relationship of a grandparent to their grandchild.

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Grandparent DNA Swab Test
Maternity DNA Swab Test

DNA Maternity testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

A DNA maternity test is required if you need proof of a biological relationship between a child and a potential mother.

This test follows a similar protocol to a DNA paternity test.

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Y Chromosome DNA testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

A Y chromosome test (also referred to as a Y DNA test) is used to verify a biological relationship when a male’s possible father is unavailable for a DNA paternity test.

A son inherits his Y chromosome from his father, and the chromosome does not change from father to son.

Since the Y chromosome only mutates once every 10,000 years, it is possible to analyze and compare test participants to determine a biological relationship through the paternal family line.

If the males in question are related, their Y chromosome will be identical.

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Y Chromosome DNA Test
Twins DNA Test

Twin DNA testing - DNA zygosity testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

This test is selected to confirm if multiple children from the same birth, such as twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc are genetically identical or are not genetically identical.

If the children are genetically identical, they are identified as monozygotic. Monozygotic means the children were formed from the same fertilized egg, that then split into separate embryos. Their DNA will be identical.

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Prenatal Gender testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

Our prenatal gender test can tell you the gender of your unborn child.

The baby gender test is non-invasive, which means that there is no risk to the mother or the unborn child when taking this test.

Only a blood sample is needed, which is usually drawn from the mother’s arm.

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Prenatal Gender Test
Toothbrush DNA Test

Toothbrush DNA testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

A toothbrush DNA test is a type of viability study, which involves extracting a DNA profile from a toothbrush for the purpose of performing a DNA relationship test.

It offers a discreet and alternative method of collecting a DNA sample.

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Nail Clipping DNA testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

A nail clipping DNA test is a type of viability study, which involves extracting a DNA profile from nail clippings for the purpose of performing a DNA relationship test.

It offers a discreet and alternative method of collecting a DNA sample.

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Nail Clipping DNA Test
Home Drug & Alcohol Nail Test
Urine drug test

Drug and Alcohol testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

Our drug & alcohol nail test offers you a discreet and easy way to test for drugs and/or alcohol with only fingernail clippings or toenail clippings required.

A drug and alcohol nail test provides a simple, non-invasive way to test for drug and alcohol use for up to a 12-month period prior to the nail clipping samples being collected.

Learn more about Drug & Alcohol Nail Testing

Our home urine drug test kit offers you a discreet and easy way to test for drugs at home, with only a urine sample required.

Learn more about Urine Drug Testing

Genetic Celiac testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

Our non-invasive genetic celiac disease test will tell you whether you have one or both genes associated with celiac disease, with only a simple cheek swab required.

The test uses Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing to confirm or rule out the potential of developing celiac disease by analyzing six DNA markers for the HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8 genes linked to celiac disease.

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Genetic Celiac Disease Test
Genetic Lactose Intolerance Test

Genetic Lactose testing in Utah (Peace of Mind)

Our non-invasive genetic lactose intolerance test can tell you whether you have the MCM6 gene variations linked to primary lactose intolerance, with only a simple cheek swab required.

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Utah Locations

Salt Lake City

  • South Salt Lake
  • Millcreek
  • Clark Learning Office Center
  • American Towers Condominium
  • American Plaza Condominium
  • McIntyre Building Condominium
  • Jackson Condominium
  • Gateway Condominium
  • City Crest Condominium
  • Walkers
  • Garden Towers Condominium
  • Oxford Manor Condominium
  • Kimball Condominium
  • Canyon Road Towers Condominium
  • Glenn
  • Triad Center
  • Zion Summit Condominium
  • Hunters
  • Jefferson Street
  • Canyon Rim
  • East Millcreek

West Valley City

  • Kearns
  • Magna
  • Oquirrh
  • West Jordan
  • Harmony Lane
  • Sunnyvale Heights
  • Swallow
  • Hopkins Meadows
  • Huntington Place
  • Westhampton
  • Sundown
  • Mallard
  • Miera Estates
  • Sunnyvale Park
  • Westward Terrace
  • Kevinwood Estates
  • Petersen Estates
  • Woodbury Estates
  • Cowan West Valley Estates
  • Willow Cove
  • B and B Estates

West Jordan

  • Rebecca Meadows Condo
  • Eggli Meadows
  • Heatherwood
  • Fontaine Claire
  • Willow View Estates
  • Didier Minor
  • Colonial Estates
  • Twin Lakes
  • Greenfield Meadows
  • Steadman Acres
  • Harvest Estates
  • Fox Place Minor
  • Nottingham Moor
  • Shiloh
  • Valley High
  • Westwood Ranchettes
  • Midvalley Terrace


  • Ironton
  • Lakeview
  • Curtis
  • Edgemont
  • Snow
  • Orem
  • Caryhurst
  • Geneva
  • Springville
  • Wagon Wheel Trailer Park
  • Olmstead
  • Orem Station
  • Christmas City
  • Bunker
  • Wicks
  • Springdell
  • Palmyra

Saint George

  • Middleton
  • Southern Trailer Park
  • Bloomington Hills
  • Valley View Trailer Park
  • Bloomington
  • Washington
  • Santa Clara
  • Atkinville
  • Ivins
  • Harrisburg Junction
  • Shivwits
  • Harrisburg
  • Shem
  • Leeds
  • Silver Reef
  • Hurricane
  • Gunlock


  • Snow
  • Orem Station
  • Curtis
  • Bunker
  • Geneva
  • Caryhurst
  • Edgemont
  • Olmstead
  • Lakeview
  • Vineyard
  • Christmas City
  • Lindon
  • Hardy
  • Wicks
  • Springdell
  • Canyon Glen
  • Provo


  • Ashley Park
  • Wildflower
  • Falconhurst
  • Ski View Estates
  • Whisperwood
  • Cobblestone Village
  • Park Crest
  • Holly Park
  • Seven Oaks
  • Sandridge
  • Bell Canyon Acres
  • Stagg
  • Sage Crest Subdivision Number 5
  • Dimple Dell Heights
  • Sunset Meadows Village
  • Spring Circle
  • Maple Hills Estates
  • Dimple Dell Village


  • Marriott-Slaterville
  • Cueston Plaza Condominium
  • Ben Lomond Suites Condominiums
  • H D Wise
  • Froerer Plaza
  • Pepperwood Condominium
  • Reeves Addition
  • Thomas L Williams Estates
  • River View Addition
  • Riverside Park Addition
  • Dankowske Central
  • Nevada Addition
  • Childs Addition
  • Executive House Condominiums
  • Lovelock
  • Forestdale Addition
  • Bramwells Addition


  • Ellison
  • Victory Park
  • Cook
  • Jo Lu
  • Church Street
  • Layton Park Plaza Condominium
  • Spurlock Circle
  • Brookhurst
  • Hodson Estates
  • Homeplace
  • Simmons
  • Townhouse Condominium
  • Hill Villa
  • Fort Lane Plaza Condominium
  • Haven Park
  • Diamond Hills
  • Country Meadows

South Jordan

  • Y-Worry Estates
  • Chattel Number 5
  • Ridgecrest
  • Beckstead Park
  • County Cove
  • River Crest
  • Dusty Downs Estates
  • Ridgecrest Estates
  • The Horse Store
  • Lampton Farms
  • Maxfield
  • West River Estates
  • South Jordan Heights
  • Powell Estates
  • Featherwood Village
  • Lawrence Estates
  • Leavitt Acres


  • American Fork
  • Saratoga Resort
  • Wing
  • Cedar Hills
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Alpine
  • Nash
  • Highland
  • Pleasant Grove
  • Hardy
  • Olivers
  • Wood Hollow Ranchettes
  • Lindon
  • Johnson Anderson
  • Potawatomi
  • Willowbrook Estates
  • Allen


  • Woodcreek Condo
  • Woodcreek Glen Condo
  • Wayland Station at Old Farm Condo
  • The Woodlands Business Park
  • Wendell Way
  • Lexington Village Old Farm Condominium
  • Davis
  • Wood Creek Glen Condominium
  • Wendell Circle
  • Creek View Condominium
  • Ewell
  • Cleeos Acres
  • Farm Hill
  • Little Acres
  • Winslow Park
  • Vista Village
  • Wedgewood Willows Condo


  • Bowling Green
  • Marian Meadows
  • Woodhaven Village Number 5
  • Plymouth View
  • Quailstone
  • Dannich Estates
  • Barke Circle
  • Barbers
  • Edgemoor Park
  • Best View
  • Woodhaven Village
  • Spring Valley
  • Velbar
  • Meadowbrook Farms
  • Heatherglen
  • Heather Glen Condo
  • El Camino Estates


  • Foothills
  • Hi Country Estates
  • Gardiner Estates
  • Snyder
  • Riverton Ridge
  • Riverton Meadows
  • Lark
  • Dalton
  • Viking Estates
  • Greenland Acres
  • Riverton Gardens
  • Robbe
  • Oquirrh Estates
  • Pleasant Green Estates
  • Country Lane
  • Riverton Heights
  • Meadowbrook Estates


  • River Heights
  • Providence
  • North Logan
  • Millville
  • Holt
  • Nibley
  • Hyde Park
  • College Ward
  • Benson
  • Cardon
  • Smithfield
  • Hyrum
  • Beindneau Summer Home Area
  • Greens Corner
  • Mendon
  • Petersboro
  • Wellsville


  • Draperville
  • Somerville in Draper
  • Eastridge
  • Cloverland Estates
  • Shadow Ridge
  • Willow View
  • Bluff at Hidden Valley
  • Ridge View Estates
  • Hidden Valley Country Club Estates
  • Hidden Valley Hills
  • Hidden Valley Estates
  • Burningham Industrial
  • Draper Commercial Parkway
  • Draper Oaks
  • Berg Estates
  • Eastridge
  • Willowbrook Estates

Eagle Mountain

  • Saratoga Springs
  • Cedar Fort
  • Fairfield
  • Saratoga Resort
  • Lehi
  • Nash
  • Mercur
  • Gorder
  • Wood Hollow Ranchettes
  • Johnson Anderson
  • Country Living
  • South Bluff Estates
  • American Fork
  • Wing
  • Avalon Estates
  • Plaza Condominiums
  • Moyal Anderson


  • Bamberger Addition
  • Cahoon Haynes Addition
  • Tingleys Addition
  • Miller Calioon Addition
  • Murray Hill Gardens
  • Atwood Addition
  • Village Gardens
  • Atwood Estates
  • Eden Acres
  • Murray Meadows
  • Murray Manor
  • French Cort Village Condominium
  • Cottonwood Creek
  • Homestead Court
  • Spring Dale
  • Fireclay Plaza Condo
  • Shadowns


  • Peach Tree Condominium
  • The Courtyard Condominium
  • Phipps Condominium
  • Lakeview Condominiums of Bountiful
  • Raynor Acres
  • LaVista Park
  • Dar Verda
  • Lynnhaven
  • Campbell
  • Brentwood Circle
  • Barlow
  • Wayne Cooper
  • Carriage Crossing Condominium
  • North Ridge
  • Cherry Park
  • Judge Holbrook
  • Country Station Condominium


  • Park Avenue
  • Laurel Chase Acres
  • Carol Villa
  • Edgewood
  • D and D Ideal Acres
  • Freeman Butterfield
  • Meado Green
  • Glen Aire
  • River Haven Estates
  • Pueblo Del Montana
  • Riverton Majestic Village
  • Brookwood
  • Farm Meadows
  • Wiechert Estates

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