What is toothbrush DNA testing?

What is toothbrush DNA testing?

What is a toothbrush DNA test?

Toothbrush DNA testing is a highly innovative DNA testing service available from AlphaBiolabs.

It is a type of viability study that uses a toothbrush to extract a DNA profile for the purpose of performing a DNA relationship test.

Typically, DNA tests are performed using cheek swab samples from two or more sample donors, which are then compared to verify a biological relationship. However, with our toothbrush DNA test, our professional geneticists work with a used toothbrush instead of a cheek swab sample, to attempt to extract a DNA profile.

If a DNA profile can be extracted from the toothbrush, our geneticists can then perform a DNA relationship test by analyzing and comparing the DNA profile obtained from the toothbrush with the DNA profiles of the other test participants, whose DNA samples have been taken using the normal cheek swab method.

If we are unable to retrieve a DNA profile from the toothbrush, you will be provided with a full refund of your DNA relationship test. However, please note that a refund will not be possible for the laboratory work already undertaken while performing the viability study on the toothbrush.

When is toothbrush DNA testing useful?

As a leading DNA testing laboratory, we know that DNA testing can lead to challenging conversations. Toothbrush DNA testing can provide a discreet and reliable method to get answers to some of life’s more difficult questions.

A major advantage of the AlphaBiolabs’ toothbrush DNA test is that samples can be collected in an unobtrusive manner, making it ideal for discreet paternity testing. Children don’t need to be made aware that a test is being undertaken, which can be particularly helpful if using a swab on older children could lead to awkward questions.

However, please note that any person aged 16 or over must provide their own consent for their DNA sample to be used in testing. For children under 16 years of age, a parent or guardian with parental responsibility can provide consent on behalf of the child undertaking the DNA test.

Alternatively, toothbrush DNA tests can also be used to perform a DNA relationship test involving someone who has passed away. It is not possible to collect a cheek swab sample from a deceased person, but DNA can be collected from the deceased person’s toothbrush if the next of kin provide consent. If a DNA profile for the deceased person can be extracted from the toothbrush, this profile can then be used to verify a biological relationship to a living relative through a DNA relationship test (using standard cheek swab samples from the living relative). This is particularly useful in the case of inheritance disputes. Alternatively, a DNA profile could be produced as an unusual and lasting memento of a loved one.

How is a toothbrush DNA sample collected?

Your toothbrush DNA testing kit will come with everything you need to collect your samples, including the cheek swab samples, for your subsequent DNA relationship test. Please follow the instructions provided and then send your used, dry toothbrush back to our laboratory using the sample envelope in the kit.

It’s important that the toothbrushes are not cleaned before being sent. The method of brushing and type of toothpaste used will not impact the results. We can accept electric toothbrushes, but please just send the toothbrush head.

Why choose an AlphaBiolabs’ toothbrush DNA test?

AlphaBiolabs is an accredited and award-winning laboratory. For just $169, plus the cost of your chosen DNA relationship test, a toothbrush DNA test offers a discreet and alternative method of DNA sample collection, with results in just 7 business days.

Our laboratory uses the latest DNA extraction techniques available to ensure a high level of precision. As in the case of cheek cell DNA testing, the toothbrush DNA test examines up to 45 markers, making it one of the most accurate DNA tests on the market.

To find out more about this test, contact us via Live Chat or call now on 727-325-2902.

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