US woman finds almost identical sister after taking DNA test

A US woman who took a DNA test in a bid to discover her heritage accidentally discovered her biological sister.

Victoria Voorhees, 27, was adopted as a baby. She knew nothing about her early life apart from her birthday and her place of birth – Phoenix, Arizona.

Residential nurse Victoria was adopted in 1994, when she was just two months old. Her parents told her she was adopted when she was six years old, but she didn’t react well to the news. The topic was rarely brought up throughout her childhood.

Her adoption had been intended to be an ‘open’ one, where she would have the ability to connect with her birth mother. However, Victoria’s biological mother, Melissa, claims that due to a “mess up”, her details were not passed on to Victoria and she had been looking for her ever since.

After taking a DNA test, Victoria was surprised to receive an email telling her that she had an older sister, Alyss Ravae, 28.

Victoria, from Chicago, Illinois, said: “At first I was like there’s no way, I didn’t think it was possible and maybe they found someone that has some similarities to me, but I know now that’s not how it works.”

The night she got the result, Victoria received a text message from Alyss confirming that she was her sister and that they both shared the same mother and father.

Alyss, from Maine, said: “My mum told me when I was nine that I had a biological sister that came from both my same parents, so I’ve always tried to look for her.”

Victoria and Alyss quickly discovered they had a lot in common, including a love of Halloween and similar bat tattoos on their ankles.

“Both me and my sister love Stephen King. I love ‘It’ and she’s a huge fan of ‘The Shining’,” said Victoria. They also both own cats and sell pet portraits online.

Alyss added: “It’s just so weird how that happened just with DNA”!

The sisters are planning to meet up for the first time in Chicago, once everyone has been vaccinated against Covid-19.

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