Toothbrush DNA testing

Toothbrush DNA test

Can a toothbrush really be used for DNA testing? The answer is Yes.

Our in-house geneticists have undertaken viability studies to prove that used toothbrushes can be a good source of DNA. Following extensive tests, they have demonstrated that the method of brushing and the type of toothpaste used has no effect on the DNA extracted. As such, AlphaBiolabs is now launching its toothbrush DNA test.

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Discreet sampling

The usual method of DNA collection in AlphaBiolabs Peace of Mind DNA testing kits is to rub a swab on the inside of the donor’s cheek to collect buccal cells. The DNA is then extracted from the cells when the swabs are returned to the laboratory for testing.

However, DNA cannot be collected from cheek cells using a swab once an individual has passed away. This is the major advantage of toothbrush DNA testing because it can still be used when an individual is deceased. The DNA can simply be collected from their used toothbrush. The DNA profile could then be used to create a lasting memento of a loved one.

Consent must be provided for all toothbrush samples that are sent in to be analyzed. Next of kin or another qualifying relative can sign consent for an individual who has passed away. A parent or guardian must provide consent for a child under 16 years of age.

However, another advantage of the toothbrush test is that a child under 16 does not need to be aware that a test is being undertaken. In the case of a paternity dispute, for example, using a swab on older children could lead to awkward questions. Choosing the option of their regular toothbrush instead provides a more subtle way to get their sample.

DNA testing

Once the toothbrushes have been mailed back to the laboratory for DNA testing the first step is to extract the DNA from the sample. AlphaBiolabs’ in-house laboratory uses one of the newest DNA extraction techniques available to ensure a high level of precision. As in the case of cheek cell DNA testing, the toothbrush DNA tests examine up to 45 markers, making it one of the most accurate home DNA tests on the market.

The result of the viability study (extracting DNA from the toothbrush) can be made available in up to 7 business days from receipt of your samples at out laboratory. To find out more about this test, contact us via Live Chat or call now at 727-325-2902. Further details on all of our DNA testing services can be found on the AlphaBiolabs website.