Recognising grandparents this Grandparents Day (September 11th)

Grandparents Day

Celebrating the special bond shared by grandparents and grandchildren, Grandparents Day (11th September) is held each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Commemorating our connections with older generations, the day itself is a time to come together to honor the contributions that grandparents make to families and communities.

But did you know that our connection to our grandparents goes way beyond family gatherings? In fact, it’s in our DNA.

This Grandparents Day, we’re looking at how grandparents and grandchildren share DNA, and how grandparent DNA testing can be used to verify family relationships.

How much DNA do we share with our grandparents?

Every child inherits half of their genetic profile from each of their parents – half from the mother and half from the father.

This means that genetic information is passed down from grandparents to parents, and then from parents to their children.

It is thought that we inherit an average of 25% of our DNA from each biological grandparent. However, due to the random nature in which we inherit DNA, it’s unlikely that you’ll inherit an equal share of DNA from each grandparent.

Even so, this shared DNA makes it possible for expert geneticists to analyze and compare the DNA samples of grandparents and grandchildren in the laboratory, to establish whether they are biologically related.

What is a grandparent DNA test?

A grandparent DNA test is a type of complex DNA relationship test used to verify a biological relationship between grandchild(ren) and grandparent(s).

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The test is most used when a child’s possible father or mother is unwilling or unavailable for paternity or maternity DNA testing.

Other than a paternity or maternity test, a grandparent DNA test is one of the most accurate and reliable tests for confirming a biological relationship between a child and their father or mother, due to the way in which we share DNA with our grandparents.

However, it’s worth noting that, because of the way in which we share DNA with our biological parents, a paternity or maternity test is always the most conclusive way of confirming who a child’s biological parents are.

A grandparent DNA test is more likely to be conclusive if both grandparents from either the paternal or maternal side are tested, but it can also be performed with just one paternal or maternal grandparent.

How does a grandparent DNA test work?

For an AlphaBiolabs Grandparent DNA test, cheek (buccal) DNA samples must be collected from each sample donor (grandparent and grandchild) using cheek swabs.

Our at-home Grandparent DNA test kit includes everything you need to collect these samples and return them to our laboratory for testing.

Once the samples arrive at our laboratory, testing can begin. Our in-house geneticists use cutting edge DNA technology to analyze and compare up to 42 DNA markers in each sample.

If the grandparent and grandchild(ren) share enough DNA markers, this indicates a biological relationship.

Where can I buy a Grandparent DNA test?

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