Prenatal paternity testing in California

Prenatal paternity testing in California

Prenatal paternity testing is a safe way to determine the biological father of a baby before it is born. This innovative technique can be performed as early as 6 weeks after conception (or 8 weeks’ gestation). And AlphaBiolabs can perform this non-invasive prenatal paternity test in California.

The test works by analyzing three DNA samples: the baby’s DNA that is found within the mother’s bloodstream, the mother’s DNA and the alleged father’s DNA.

Previously, to get a sample of an unborn baby’s DNA, procedures such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling would have been used. These are both invasive methods and therefore incur a slight risk of miscarriage. AlphaBiolabs’ prenatal DNA test does not carry such risks and there is no harm to the unborn child. The mother needs to provide a blood sample (usually drawn from her arm) and the alleged father’s sample simply involves using a mouth swab to collect DNA from his cheek cells.

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How does prenatal paternity testing in California work?

We mail you a testing kit and the mother arranges her own blood sample collection from a phlebotomist, nurse or other medical professional. The mouth swab from the alleged father does not need to be collected at the same location, but it should be collected around the same time to avoid any delays and the risk of the blood sample hemolyzing.

Once your samples are received at our laboratory, the testing process can begin.

Because a baby inherits DNA from both of its parents, the prenatal paternity test analyzes the three DNA samples to identify which half of the DNA is inherited from the mother and which half is from the father. If the man is indeed the biological father, both baby and father will share DNA.

The prenatal paternity testing kit can be bought direct from our website for just $975 with results in 7–8 working days. You can order your prenatal DNA test on our website. 

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