Prenatal paternity test near me

Prenatal paternity test near me

Taking an AlphaBiolabs prenatal paternity DNA test during pregnancy is easy, convenient and safe.

Simply order a prenatal paternity test online and a sample collection kit with detailed instructions will be sent to the address of your choice.

The possible father can provide his DNA sample in his own home using the mouth swabs supplied in the kit, while the expectant mother will need to supply a sample of her blood.

This can be done by visiting a medical professional of your choice at a location near you. Please be aware that you are responsible for arranging for the blood sample to be collected and this may incur an additional cost.

Once you have your samples, you just need to return them to us for testing in the envelopes provided. You will then receive your results in a secure and confidential email in seven to eight working days.

To take a prenatal paternity test, the woman must be at least seven weeks’ pregnant. As the test involves analyzing a sample of the mother’s blood, prenatal paternity testing does not pose any risk to the pregnancy or unborn child.

Order a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test Online

The prenatal paternity test offered by AlphaBiolabs is non-invasive and, unlike some alternatives carried out by our competitors, it does not involve inserting a needle into the womb to extract amniotic fluid. This means it is completely safe right up until birth.

How can a prenatal paternity test identify the baby’s father?

Our prenatal paternity test involves examining a sample of the mother’s blood for traces of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from the unborn baby. During pregnancy, fetal DNA enters the maternal bloodstream and reaches a level which can usually be detected at around seven weeks.

The amount of cfDNA found usually increases as the pregnancy progresses, so it can be easier to get a conclusive result after 11 weeks.

Our highly-trained scientists compare the baby’s DNA with both that of the mother and of the potential father to look for matches. We are able to confirm paternity with at least 99 per cent probability.

In a small number of cases, results may be inconclusive. This is usually because the maternal blood sample did not contain high enough levels of fetal DNA.

When this happens, we offer up to two additional tests free of charge. If a definite result is still not possible after a third test, you will be given a refund of your testing fee.

We are the only DNA testing company which offers this kind of money-back guarantee.

To order your prenatal paternity test for just $895, click here or call 727-325-2902 now.

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