Are over the counter DNA test accurate?

Over the counter DNA test

Some may wonder whether an over the counter DNA test is as reliable and accurate as a DNA test carried out by a medical professional, or for legal purposes. The reality is, the science is exactly the same, the only difference is you can take the test in the privacy of your own home and without the need for medical assistance*.

An over the counter DNA test can give you answers to those lingering and often painful questions about the true biological relationship between two or more individuals. When a son doubts the true identity of his father, or in the case of an individual looking for confirmation of his maternal heritage with only one aunt remaining, half-siblings questioning their connection, or grandparents with a question mark over grandchildren – whatever your family circumstance, a DNA test can help you determine the truth about your biological connections.

At AlphaBiolabs, we have been supporting customers in their journeys of family discovery since 2004. Our range of peace of mind, relationship DNA testing kits are specially designed with our customers in mind – we know you want confidentiality, we know you want speed and we know you want accuracy.

Our DNA testing kits are delivered to you, at an address that you specify, in plain, unbranded packaging. Each kit contains thorough instructions on how to obtain your own DNA sample, and those of any relevant parties. Our returns packaging is clearly labelled and easy to fill out, and our results service is kept confidential with a password-protected email.

When we receive your samples, they are carefully tested in our specialized laboratory by our team of scientists. We carry out testing within the strict ISO 17025 accreditation guidelines and every test is checked by a second expert DNA scientist to verify the testing and results process. You can be sure your samples are in safe, expert hands and the results returned to you will be 100% accurate.

We know that wait for your results can be difficult, so we work hard to make sure your results are ready in as little as 3-5 working days, for only $109.00.

From the minute you place your order with us, to our results email, we price ourselves on giving you excellent service and value.

So, is an over the counter DNA test reliable and accurate? Yes, absolutely! Order online now or call AlphaBiolabs via Live Chat today on: 727-325-2902 today or email  us at:

*In the case of a Prenatal Paternity Test a blood sample is required from the mother and should be taken by a trained health care professional.

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