Only child discovers 29 siblings through DNA test

DNA testing

A Californian woman who was raised as an only child has now discovered she has 29 siblings after taking an at-home DNA test.

Shauna Harrison, from the San Francisco Bay area, is a fitness professional with a Ph.D. in public health. She first took a DNA test after learning as a 27-year-old that the man she thought was her father was not in fact her biological dad.

“I had been asking questions about my health and blood type”, Harrison told ABC News. “Because of my background in public health, I wanted to find out if I am more susceptible to certain things. I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle as it is, but I just want to know.”

The DNA test results identified the donor as Jewish and of Russian descent. Harrison then stopped the search. However, 14 years later, she returned to the site to see what she could learn about her family given advancements in DNA science and took another test.

The very next day she got an email from one of the siblings saying it looked like they were related.  And the emails continued to come.

“Just about a month ago, there were three (new siblings) within 2 weeks”, she says.

In total there are 30 related children, who range in age from 24–41. Harrison is the third oldest.

“Two of us are born two-and-a-half weeks apart. And the other two are born 2 days apart. So, things like that are a little weird to me. Are we from the same sample? Are we almost twins? I don’t know! How does that work?”

“It’s just non-stop. I don’t think this is going to be it. I think it’s just going to continually happen, probably for the rest of my life”, says Harrison.

Some of the siblings have chosen to remain anonymous. Some only learned that they had a different biological father after they got the results. The biological donor has been tracked down and several of the half-siblings are in contact with him. Apparently, the donor wanted to father a lot of children. Mission accomplished, we say! Order your siblingship DNA test now on our website. Got any questions? Contact us via Live Chat or call now at 727-325-2902.

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