Nebraska man discovers he has 18 half-siblings after DNA test

A Nebraska man was in for a surprise after a DNA test revealed that he had 18 half-siblings he had never met.

Quinten Saathoff from Franklin County made the discovery after his younger brother decided to take a DNA test to explore their family tree and find out more about their medical history.

The DNA test revealed that the brothers were conceived via donor-technology – and that they had 18 half-siblings.

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A life-changing result

Ever since he was a teenager, Quinten felt that he and his brother did not resemble their other family members.

After making the discovery, he reached out to some of his half-siblings through Facebook, and quickly began receiving responses.

Some have kept in contact with many living in other states including North Dakota, Maryland, and Texas.

Quinten and his brother are now planning a get-together to meet some of their siblings at last.

He added that he did not hold anything against his parents for not choosing to share that he and his brother were donor conceived.

“I would just encourage any parent that is using donor-technology to conceive to be open with their kids,” he said.

“Be honest with them as soon as you can, that way it won’t be as much of a shock to them in the future.”

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