How many dads can you include in a prenatal paternity test?

How many dads can you include in a prenatal paternity test?

Where there are two or more possible fathers of your unborn baby and you’re wondering how many fathers you can include in a prenatal paternity test, AlphaBiolabs’ can help you determine which one is in fact the biological father of your child, with our easy to use prenatal paternity test.

Our standard kit includes enough swabs to test one possible father, but you can add more swabs to your order at an additional cost, per possible father.

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How many dads can you include in a prenatal paternity test?

In theory, you can test as many possible fathers as necessary, as long as each man is willing to participate in the test, which requires providing mouth swab samples and signed consent for those samples to be examined.

The mouth swab samples will be examined alongside a blood sample taken from the mother. The blood sample should be taken by a trained medical professional and is often taken from the arm. It is a completely non-invasive, safe test for a pregnant woman to undertake, with no risk to either mom or baby.

Once back at the lab, the mother’s blood sample will be analyzed for traces of fetal DNA which is then compared against the possible fathers’ samples, separately, for matching DNA markers.

Every child receives half his or her DNA from their biological mother and half from their biological father, so when examining DNA samples, our scientists are looking for matching DNA markers in the child’s and possible father’s samples.

AlphaBiolabs has been conducting DNA testing since 2004, so we are unrivalled in our expertise and professionalism. We are an award-winning, competitively priced laboratory, specializing in bringing DNA results to members of the public looking for answers to what can sometimes be significant, life-changing questions.

Taking a prenatal paternity test with AlphaBiolabs will mean rapid, accurate results and a reliable service. Our discreetly packaged tests will arrive at your specified address, complete with all instructions and equipment necessary to proceed with the sample collection, with the help of a trained medical professional (note, you will need to organise this assistance yourself).

Once your samples are received at our dedicated laboratory, we will turnaround your results in 7-8 working days.

For just $895, you can test one possible father. Additional materials for testing further possible fathers costs an extra $299, per person.

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