Home Drug & Alcohol Tests from AlphaBiolabs

Home Drug & Alcohol Tests from AlphaBiolabs

Did you know that you can order a home drug and/or alcohol test quickly and easily, direct from our award-winning laboratory?

Whether you have concerns about a child or family member abusing drugs or alcohol, or just want a test for other personal reasons, AlphaBiolabs’ range of Home Drug & Alcohol Test Kits have been designed so that you can collect your own samples privately, quickly and easily.

These tests are designed for your personal use and are for peace of mind only. This means that the results are purely for your own information and cannot be used for legal purposes.

Home Hair Drug Test

Our new Home Hair Drug Test will give you up to a 12-month overview of drug use and can detect 13 drugs and their metabolites. Simply collect your sample and return it to our accredited testing laboratory, for 100% accurate results in only 7-10 business days.

You can submit head hair, facial hair or body hair, but not a combination.  You can even submit hair collected from a hairbrush. Full instructions for collecting and returning your sample are in the sample collection kit.

Home Urine Drug Test Kit

The AlphaBiolabs Home Urine Drug Test Kit can detect 14 drugs and their metabolites, with only a urine sample required.

The easy-to-use, self-contained screening kit provides results in just 5 minutes, with no handling of urine required.

Drug and Alcohol Nail Test

Our Home Drug & Alcohol Nail Test uses the very latest scientific techniques to analyze fingernail clippings or toenail clippings for the presence of drug and/or alcohol biomarkers.

The presence of these biomarkers indicates that the sample donor has used drugs and/or alcohol within a certain period prior to the samples being collected.

You can choose to test for 11 drugs and alcohol, alcohol only, or 11 drugs only.

Once you have received your test kit, simply follow the instructions to collect your fingernail clippings or toenail clippings and return them to our laboratory.

Fingernails provide us with an approximate 6-month overview of drug/alcohol use, while toenails provide us with an approximate 12-month overview of drug/alcohol use. This is because fingernails and toenails grow at different rates.

How do Home Drug & Alcohol Tests work?

Our peace of mind home drug and alcohol tests work by analyzing hair, urine or nail clipping samples for the presence of drugs and/or alcohol.

When a person consumes drugs or alcohol, these substances are processed by the liver, and their metabolites are released into the bloodstream.

These substances and their metabolites can then be detected using hair drug testingurine drug testing or nail drug and/or alcohol testing.

A major benefit of peace of mind home drug and alcohol tests is that they enable you to collect your samples at home, without the need for a more time-consuming and costly third party to verify the sample collection.

As the name suggests, a peace of mind home drug or alcohol test is for personal use only.

What is the difference between a Home Drug & Alcohol Test and a Legal Drug & Alcohol Test?

The main difference between a home / peace of mind drug & alcohol test and a legal drug & alcohol test is how the results report can be used.  Results from a legal drug & alcohol test are court admissible, while results from a home drug & alcohol test are not.

Courts accept results for a legal drug & alcohol test because a strict chain-of-custody process is followed, and samples are collected by an independent and trained professional.

This ensures that the samples are collected from the right people, that the correct documents are completed, and that the samples are safely transported to the laboratory without the possibility of tampering.

A home drug & alcohol test uses samples collected by yourself in the privacy of your own home. The samples will still be analyzed by the laboratory in exactly the same way as legal testing and your results will still be 100% accurate based on the samples received at the lab, but the results cannot be used for legal purposes.

For more information, on which is the right test for you, email info@alphabiolabsusa.com or call 727-325-2902 and our friendly Customer Services team will be able to help.

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