Gifts for twins


It can be frustrating to buy gifts for twins, whether they’re identical or fraternal. Too often you fall back on buying them the same outfit but in different colours, right? Boring! Or you wind up buying them opposite toys only to have them prefer their sibling’s toy!

But what if you could give each one a truly unique, one-of-a-kind present that they can treasure forever? Something that lasts throughout childhood and beyond? You can: a DNA twin test that is used to create a work of art. Let us explain:

How twin testing works

The test is called Zygosity twin testing, which uses a small amount of DNA taken from a swab of each twin’s mouth. We include full instructions in each kit, and the test is very easy and straightforward to do. The swab simply collects a few cells from each child’s inner cheek, and that forms the basis of the test. The testing kit is mailed to you, to your home address. Once you’ve done the swabs, you simply mail the kit back to us at our lab.

Our scientists then analyze the markers in the DNA samples. The DNA of each twin is then compared: identical twins have common DNA profiles, but fraternal twins have different ones.

We can conduct this test on more than twins – multiple siblings can also be examined; you simply request swabs for more siblings when you order your kits.

This DNA testing costs just $119 and you’ll get the results within 3–5 days. The price covers all costs – the testing kit, the results, and a Zygosity certificate for each child. Then you can take that certificate and frame it, or use the DNA profile to make a different kind of unusual wall art – that’s up to you. But you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece of art that never goes out of fashion, and will teach your twins where they’re from and how they were made! It’s a unique gift for mum and dad, too, who no doubt are tired of receiving same-outfit gifts for their lovely twins.

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