Former co-workers discover they are sisters after DNA test

Two former co-workers discovered that they were biological siblings after one of the women was gifted a DNA test by her husband.

Cheryl Becker from Connecticut had previously worked with Linda Rinaldi at Connecticut Hospital, and always felt that they had a special connection before Rinaldi moved away and the two lost touch.

But when Cheryl’s husband, Ralph, became interested in genealogy and gave her a DNA test as a gift, Cheryl made a shocking discovery about her old friend and former colleague.


After doing the DNA test, Cheryl was surprised to see that the results showed she was closely related to a woman named Linda Rinaldi – a name she recognised from 30 years earlier.

“I said to my husband, ‘I used to work with Linda Rinaldi’,” said Cheryl.

“I could tell it was the same person. It just said, ‘closely related or first cousin.”

After contacting Linda and taking another DNA test, it was confirmed that the two women were half-sisters, having been born just 16-months apart.

The man who had raised Cheryl was not her biological father; something which Cheryl says he never knew.

Cheryl added that the sisters are now looking forward to making up for lost time.

“We lost the last 30 years, but we get the next 30. We have to make memories like sisters do.”

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