Father-in-law banned from seeing grandson after secret DNA test

Father-in-law banned from seeing grandson after secret DNA test

A woman has banned her father-in-law from seeing his grandson after he did a paternity test on the baby without her knowing.

Posting on Reddit, the anonymous woman from the US explained that she had always had a difficult relationship with her father-in-law prior to splitting from her partner 18 months ago.

When they rekindled their relationship and she later fell pregnant, the child’s grandfather immediately made it clear he did not think his son was the father.

Who’s the daddy?

“Upon finding out I was pregnant, he told my boyfriend right in front of me that this wasn’t his baby,” the woman wrote.

“Eventually he started to tell other people, neighbors, friends, co-workers and even strangers that ‘I fooled his son’”.

However, when her father-in-law’s demeanor suddenly changed, he privately admitted to the woman’s boyfriend that he had done a DNA test and that the baby was indeed his grandson.

The mom of one has since told him he is not allowed to see his grandson and took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for keeping them apart.

One user said: “He paternity tested your child without your knowledge or consent. That’s a violation of you and your family, your relationship and your ability to feel safe with other people around your kid.”

Another added: “Your father-in-law should be providing a true apology, along with the paperwork for the test so you can contact them, explain the situation and get the genetic material destroyed.”

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