DNA testing father and child only

DNA testing father and child only

DNA testing a father and child only can help to confirm paternity when there are doubts over a child’s biological father. It is possible to carry out this test with only the potential father and child. We do not need the mother’s DNA to carry out this type of paternity test.

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How does DNA testing for a father and child only work?

Our paternity test proves parentage by analyzing the DNA found in cheek cells. When we examine the specific DNA markers in each sample, it is possible to identify which half of a child’s DNA is inherited from the mom, and which half is from the dad.

When we test a biological father, both the child and their father will share identical sections of DNA at each marker. If the man tested is not the child’s biological father, there will be differences in the DNA.

If the father has parental responsibility for the child, we are able to carry out this type of test without the child’s mother.

Can I perform a father and child DNA test at home?

Yes, you can. There’s no need to visit a laboratory. Our home paternity test kit can be ordered online via our website and delivered to an address of your choice. We offer free standard shipping or USPS Express for $25. You will receive your results in 3 business days.

How accurate is DNA testing a father and child only?

Based on the samples we receive, our home paternity test results are 100% accurate. We test all of our exclusion results twice, so you can be confident that the results you receive from us are completely accurate.

If you have any questions about DNA testing a father and child only, please contact our Customer Services team on 727-325-2902 or email info@alphabiolabsusa.com.

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