DNA test identifies half-sister

This Thanksgiving will be different for Rebekah Hughes. The Omaha-based woman was adopted at birth and grew up thinking she was an only child for more than three decades. Now, thanks to DNA testing she has been introduced to her half-sibling, Laura.

“We were both very apprehensive at first because we really didn’t know how to kind of take this. And I shocked her is what she said”, said Rebekah.

Rebekah and Laura took a road trip together to catch up on lost time.

“The similarities are unbelievable. We have the exact same facial structure. We have the exact same curly hair. We’re both short”, she said.

The two half-sisters are now planning to spend Thanksgiving together, which will be a new experience for both of them. They hope that their birth mother will also join them.

“I think it’s special that our family has grown a little bit more, and I’m really excited for Laura to meet everybody”, said Rebekah.

How does sibling DNA testing work?

Sibling DNA testing uses DNA technology to establish whether brothers and sisters share the same mother and father, or share either the mother or the father. Full siblings is the term given to individuals with the same biological parents. Half-siblings are individuals who share only one biological parent, either mother or father. In the case above, Rebekah and Laura share a biological mother.

With AlphaBiolabs’ Sibling DNA test the two alleged siblings provide a DNA sample by rubbing the inside of their cheeks with a swab to collect cheek cells. When these swabs are returned to our lab, the DNA is extracted from the cells. We then use statistical analysis to evaluate the amount of DNA shared between the individuals tested. Full siblings will have more DNA in common than half-siblings, and half-siblings normally share more DNA than unrelated individuals.

Our sibling DNA test can be ordered online today for just $179. Results are available in 3–5 working days after receipt of all samples in the lab. In addition, should you use our sibling DNA testing service and not get a conclusive result, we guarantee to refund the price of your sibling test.

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