DNA test counters ‘Pocahontas’ jibes

After years of criticism for claiming Native American ancestry, Senator Elizabeth Warren is going public with the results of a DNA test. President Donald Trump had sarcastically referred to Warren as ‘Pocahontas’ in an attempt to mock her claim of having Indian blood.

The Massachusetts Democrat shared the DNA test results into her genetic background, which found ‘strong evidence’ of Native American ancestry going back 6–10 generations. The conclusion was that while a vast majority of Warren’s background is European, the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor, reported the Boston Globe.

There has been long-running criticism among conservatives who say Warren used her claim of Native American ancestry to gain advantage in the academic world, where there is a strong emphasis on diversity in hiring. Trump has stated the former law professor has “gotten a lot of advantages by falsely claiming what she’s claiming”.

DNA test results

Warren has retaliated in a campaign video about her background, which includes a scene where she gets her DNA test results. The video also includes clips of eight colleagues from various law schools who praise Warren as a scholar and strongly deny that her background played any role in her hiring. In addition, Warren has provided personnel files to the Boston Globe and the paper has interviewed over 100 colleagues and staff involved with her hirings.

The newspaper concludes: “It is clear that Warren was viewed as a white woman by the hiring committees at every institution that employed her.”

It remains to be seen whether the results of Warren’s DNA test will silence her critics.

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