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DNA test cost

DNA test cost

DNA test cost? What is the cost of a DNA test? Can you get a DNA test for free? These are common search terms on Google.

The bad news is that you can’t get free DNA testing. It can be misleading because some testing companies advertise DNA testing kits for free or at rock-bottom prices. But beware. Companies offering free DNA testing may not be legitimate. Your sample may be taken and tested by companies that are not qualified to do so. Your data could then be sold on or used to exploit you in some way. Bear in mind that your DNA is one of the most sensitive and personal pieces of data about you. As such, you need to ensure that it is only tested by a legitimate company that will keep your data safe.

The catch with companies offering cheap tests is that you’ll need to then pay a high fee to get your samples processed. A fee to process the samples obviously requires paying because of the equipment, labor, experts’ time analysing the results and the cost of communicating with the clients. Most testing companies charge around $119-299 for DNA paternity testing. But you’ll need to shop around because some charge as much as $699 [1]. Using an accredited testing laboratory is one way to ensure you get a high-quality service. These professional testing companies will have been assessed against internationally recognized standards to demonstrate their competence and performance capability.

Paternity test cost

AlphaBiolabs is an accredited testing laboratory that offers DNA paternity testing from as little as $119 for results in 3-5 days. Paternity tests work by analysing DNA within samples provided by the family members. Specific DNA markers are investigated in each sample to identify which half of the child’s DNA is inherited from the father and which half is from the mother. If the man is indeed the biological father, both child and father will share identical sections of DNA at each marker. There will be differences in the DNA if the tested man is not the biological father.

DNA relationship tests

Other DNA relationship testing kits are available including Maternity, Sibling, Twin, Grandparent, Aunt and Uncle, Y Chromosome and Single Genetic Profile tests. The costs for these tests range from $119 to $249, depending on the complexity of the testing procedure. Aunt, Uncle and Grandparent DNA tests are particularly complex and have an inconclusive rate of 28%. Inconclusive rates for complex relationship testing are an industry-wide issue. Although a rate of 28% is much lower than most other testing laboratories, AlphaBiolabs offers a guaranteed result promise and will refund the price of the test if they are unable to reach a conclusive result.

[1] Further details on all AlphaBiolabs’ range of DNA testing services can be found on our website. If you require further information, contact us via Live Chat or call now at 727-325-2902.