DNA can’t solve mystery of ‘alien hand’

DNA tests on a mysterious hand found in Peru have revealed it does not belong to any known species.

Alien hunters believe the body part could belong to an extra-terrestrial lifeform as it does not appear to be from a human or animal. It was found by a group as they explored tunnels and caves near Cusco in Peru.

In addition to the hand, they discovered an elongated humanoid skull and something which looked like a small mummified alien. The group passed on the items to author and researcher Brien Foerster but would not tell him the exact location they had found them.

Mr Foerster has now run some tests, which showed the hand had three fingers each containing six bones. In contrast, human fingers only contain three bones.

He claimed the people who made the find had no intention of profiting from their discovery but they wanted to find out exactly what it was.

Body parts were discovered in Peruvian cave

He told Inquisitr that doctors had examined the objects and carried out DNA tests and x-rays. The results allegedly showed that the hand and skull were made up of bone and skin but that the hand did not belong to any known creature.

Scott C Waring, a UFO hunter, said: “DNA results cannot tell us it’s an alien since we have no aliens to compare it too. Instead DNA results will only say the DNA doesn’t match any known species.

“Sure there is a skull, but it looks to be the size of an infant if it’s the same species as the hand.”

However, there is not yet any proof that these really are alien body parts.

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