Could DNA testing end doggy doo-doo despair?

DNA testing

A Pennsylvania apartment complex is DNA testing tenants’ dogs to catch owners who refuse to pick up after their pets. The Governor Sproul Apartments in Marple Township is taking the unusual step so they can monitor whose pets’ feces are left on sidewalks and in communal areas. Previous incentives to curb the problem included free bags and various signs, but some tenants haven’t complied.

Property manager, Mimi Hartman, discovered the DNA concept at a trade show. And is so far pleased with the result.

“We are seeing a decrease in the piles out on the property”, she said.

What happens to the dog DNA?

The dogs’ mouths are swabbed to collect DNA. The DNA profiles are then entered into a database called Poo Prints. Samples found on the apartment complex will be sent to the company to compare against profiles contained in the database. If DNA is found to match a sample, the dog’s owner will be hit with a $250 fine. So far, around 75% of residents have entered their dog’s DNA into the system, reports 3CBS Philly.

“I think people should be held accountable for their animals the same way they should be held accountable for their children”, declared Dena Riddick, a tenant at the Marple Township complex.

Cathy Koblarz, another resident, added: “Maybe it will prevent so much crap around the community”.

However, not all tenants are so impressed with the new regime.

“I know people don’t pick up after their dogs, but DNA testing is kind of ridiculous”, commented tenant Sandy Cleveland.

This is not the first time that DNA testing dogs has hit the headlines. A study that involved DNA testing of over 900 shelter dogs in Arizona and San Diego found that just 5% were actually purebred, and only 67% of the dogs had their breed correctly identified by shelter staff. For information on our range of DNA testing services, call us now on 727-325-2902 or email