Celebrating National Son and Daughter Day

Celebrating National Son and Daughter Day

National Son and Daughter Day traces its origins all the way back to 1930s Missouri. A young boy in the town of St. Joseph complained to his mom and dad that if they had Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, why shouldn’t he have his own day too?

K Henry Dusenberry was convinced by the young boy’s argument, and the idea of Son and Daughter Day gradually caught on!

In honor of the date, parents would place a flower representing each of their children in a vase, placing it in a prominent area of their home.

Whether your sons or daughters are young or old, toddlers or teens, every year August 11 is the day to celebrate the bond between parent and child. It’s a day for parents to let their children know how special they are, whether they’re biological children, stepchildren or adopted children.

How to celebrate Son and Daughter Day

If your children still live with you at home, today is the perfect time for some fun activities! Why not take a day trip to the beach or to their favorite amusement park? Or if the weather’s bad, have fun baking some delicious treats.

If you have older children who have flown the nest, why not make plans to mark the occasion together? Schedule a meal out to celebrate, or arrange a family day trip. If your children live far away, today is the perfect excuse for a family video call. Why not arrange some games or a quiz too?

Will you be celebrating National Son and Daughter Day?

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