Celebrating family connections this National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month in the US and the theme for 2023 is Empowering Youth: Finding Points of Connection.

The initiative first began in 1984 as National Adoption Week, with the first National Adoption Month being introduced in 1995.  The campaign is led by the Children’s Bureau and  aims to increase awareness of adoption issues, while highlighting the need for adoptive families in the US foster care system.

For 2023, organizers want to empower children and young adults in care to make decisions about their life, ensuring they stay connected to their roots while also finding new connections.

Recent statistics show that around 5 million US adults are adopted. However, there are many infants, children and teenagers waiting to be adopted. The Adoption Network reveals that, in 2022, nearly 214,000 children entered the US foster care system.

The average age of all children waiting for adoption is 7.5 years old, and over one in five children waiting for adoption are aged 13-17. On average, children spend 33.7 months in care before being adopted in the US.

Organizers of the national awareness campaign want to emphasize how securing adoption for children is critical for their future achievement, wellbeing, and health.

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