Can you do your own paternity test?

Can you do your own paternity test?

For those keen to know if you can do your own paternity test, the simple answer is, yes, you can, but it will require laboratory analysis to determine an accurate result.

Why? Because DNA within samples provided by the possible father and child need to be analysed by trained scientists, using what’s called capillary electrophoresis (CE). AlphaBiolabs specializes in this method which makes our home paternity test one of the easiest and most reliable tests in the industry.

Order a DNA Paternity Test Online

Our home paternity test can be ordered from our website and will be mailed out to you, to an address of your choosing. We package our tests in plain, non-branded packaging so your delivery is discreet. The testing kit includes full instructions and all the equipment necessary to collect your own DNA samples in the privacy of your own home.

At AlphaBiolabs, we only require a DNA sample from the possible father and one from the child. We don’t always need a sample from the child’s mother in standard paternity tests, but we always advise you to include one where possible in case we cannot draw a conclusive result using the child’s and possible father’s samples, alone.

Your DNA sample is easily collected by rubbing the provided mouth swabs (which look like large Q-tips) on the inside of your cheek. This will collect cheek cells, known as buccal cells, containing your DNA. Once you have collected your samples and carefully packaged them in the enclosed return envelopes, you can return your samples back to AlphaBiolabs for analysis.

Our specialist DNA scientists will analyze your samples for specific DNA markers. The child’s DNA is then analyzed to determine which half come from the father – this will be conclusive where there is a match with all dad’s DNA markers – and which half therefore come from mom. Where there are none, or more than two DNA markers not matching between the two samples, a biological connection cannot be proven.

AlphaBiolabs is one of just a few labs accredited to test up to 42 DNA markers in standard paternity tests. We also test all our exclusion results twice so you can be confident of getting accurate results.

Paternity testing before a baby is born

AlphaBiolabs can also carry out paternity testing before a child is born. This is known as a prenatal paternity testing and requires a trained medical professional to take a blood sample from the expectant mother and two mouth swabs. There is no risk to the mother or baby in doing so, our prenatal paternity test is entirely safe and non-intrusive. For this test, we also require mouth swab samples from the possible father which are compared against fetal DNA extracted from the mother’s blood sample.

Order a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test Online

Our paternity test is available to buy from our website, from as little as $129, for results within 3 business days, and our prenatal paternity test costs $895, with results available in 7-8 business days.

We are an award-winning, accredited testing lab, ready to take you call, on 727-325-2902 or you can email us, at:

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