Can a DNA test determine siblings?

Can a DNA test determine siblings?

DNA testing is the most scientific and accurate way to prove that two or more individuals are biologically related.

Sibling DNA testing can establish whether brothers and sisters share the same mother and father, or share either the mother or the father. Full siblings is the term given to individuals with the same biological parents. Half-siblings share only one biological parent, either the mother or father.

How does the sibling DNA test work?

In AlphaBiolabs’ Sibling DNA test, the two potential siblings are required to provide a DNA sample. This is a simple process and only involves rubbing the inside of your cheek with a swab to collect cheek cells. When these swabs are returned to our lab, the DNA is extracted from the cells. Our in-house geneticists then use statistical analysis to evaluate the amount of DNA shared between the individuals tested. Full siblings will have more DNA in common than half-siblings, and half-siblings normally share more DNA than unrelated individuals.

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Paternity DNA testing always provides a conclusive result. This is because it is possible to identify which half of the child’s DNA is inherited from the father and which half is from the mother. If the man undergoing DNA testing is the biological father, both child and father will share identical sections of DNA at each marker. If the tested man is not the biological father there will be differences in the DNA. Sibling DNA tests are more complex, which means that you may not get a decisive answer. Across the testing industry, sibling DNA testing can be up to 40% inconclusive. In other words, four out of every 10 people will not get the result they have paid for.

AlphaBiolabs has been able to reduce the inconclusive rate down to 24%. However, should you use our sibling DNA testing service and not get a conclusive result, we guarantee to refund the price of your sibling test.

Our sibling DNA test can be ordered online today for just $179 with guaranteed results or your money back. Got any questions? You can contact us via Live Chat or call 727-325-2902. Further details on our sibling DNA test and all of AlphaBiolabs’ range of DNA testing services can be found on our website.


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