California triplets celebrate simultaneous pregnancies

Victoria Brown, Gina Purcell and Nina Rawlings were all born within four minutes of each other in 1986. Now, 35 years later, the triplets are all set to give birth just a few months apart!

The 35-year-old sisters from Orange County, LA, are delighted to be sharing another memorable milestone together.

Brown’s second child, a baby boy, is due this month. Rawlings is expecting her first child, also a boy, in August. Finally, Purcell’s third child, a baby girl, is due in November.

Purcell said: “We’ve always talked about having babies together when we were younger but since I was the first to get married and have kids, our timelines were different. We never thought it would actually happen.”

She added: “We never officially sat down and said let’s ‘plan’ this because of the different stages of life we were in even though we’re triplets.”

The sisters will all deliver their babies at The Women’s Hospital at Memorial Care Saddleback Medical in Laguna Hills, with OBGYN Dr. Daniel Sternfeld.

When asked about the unique circumstances, Dr. Sternfeld said: “The interesting thing is they had prenatal appointments all in the same day, so it clicked with me that this is a wonderful story of these three sisters who are all pregnant and having babies at the same time.”

As the first triplet to have a child, Purcell has become the go-to sister for pregnancy advice and motherhood tips.

“I’ve always been the one to give advice since I was the first to have kids,” she said. “I give them tips on developmental things kids go through, how my delivery went, books to read, articles that were helpful to me.”

However, now that all of the sisters are pregnant at the same time, naturally they’re sharing all kinds of tips with each other!

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Photo credit: Tina Rawlings