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Best paternity test

Best paternity test

Does AlphaBiolabs offer the best paternity testing in the USA? We certainly think so. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews on DNA Testing Choice.

AlphaBiolabs is an accredited laboratory that has won awards for its rapid paternity testing. Our expert DNA scientists have developed efficient paternity tests that are both accurate and competitively priced.

We offer two types of paternity test

Peace of Mind DNA testing kits can be easily bought online from our website and mailed direct to your home. The testing kits include full instructions on how to collect your DNA samples. You simply need to rub a mouth swab (much like a cotton swab or Q-tip) on the inside of your cheek to collect some cells. These home paternity testing kits cost just $119 for results in 3–5 days.

Prenatal paternity tests can be used to establish paternity before the baby is even born. The test can be performed from as early as 7 weeks after conception (or 9 weeks after the last period). It is a non-invasive method that requires a blood sample from the mother and a mouth swab from the alleged father. This advanced procedure preserves and then analyzes the baby’s DNA that is found within the mother’s bloodstream. There is no risk to the mother or the unborn child when taking this test (unlike an invasive prenatal test in which embryonic fluid is taken directly from the womb using a needle). Prenatal paternity testing costs $975 for confidential results in 7–8 working days.

We can perform DNA testing without the father

If a father refuses to consent to a DNA paternity test, alternative DNA relationship tests can be performed to establish a direct biological relationship via other family members. Grandparent DNA tests, for example, could prove a link between an individual and one or more of their father’s parents. In the same way, uncle DNA testing or aunt DNA testing can be performed on a father’s brother or sister to establish a biological relationship to a child. Sibling DNA testing can be performed to establish whether or not brothers and sisters have the same parent.

We continue to innovate paternity testing

Following extensive trials, AlphaBiolabs has launched a new method of DNA testing using toothbrushes. An advantage is that samples can be collected in a more subtle way (although consent is still needed). This could be particularly useful in paternity quarrels to avoid awkward questions from older kids. Sending in a regular used toothbrush allows for more discreet DNA sampling. A viability study will be conducted to analyze the toothbrush to see if a DNA profile can be achieved. If DNA can be analyzed, a paternity test can be performed in the usual way (see Paternity testing using toothbrush). 

As with all of our paternity tests, you can rest assured that our DNA testing is 100% confidential and data security is paramount.

To find out more about our paternity testing services, including toothbrush DNA testing, please visit our website. Alternatively, contact us via Live Chat or call now at 727-325-2902.