5 common paternity testing myths – busted

5 common paternity testing myths - busted

As an accredited provider of peace of mind, at-home paternity testing, we know that there are many misconceptions surrounding paternity testing, what it involves, and what the results of a paternity test can tell you.

In this blog, we address some of the most common paternity testing myths and put them to rest once and for all!

Myth 1: Paternity testing is invasive and dangerous

Paternity testing is neither invasive nor dangerous. To perform a paternity DNA test, a cheek cell DNA sample is collected from the child and the potential father(s) using a swab, which is rubbed gently and painlessly on the inside of each sample donor’s cheek.

This simple, pain-free method of sample collection means that the test can be performed on anyone of any age, from new-born babies to older children and adults, with no risk whatsoever.

Myth 2: A paternity test can only be performed after a baby is born

A prenatal paternity test – also known as a non-invasive prenatal paternity or NIPP test – can be performed as early as seven weeks into pregnancy, and can be used to verify paternity while the mother is still pregnant.

The test is 100% risk free for all sample donors taking part in the test, including the mother and unborn baby, with only three samples required: a blood sample from the mother’s arm, two cheek swab samples from the mother and two cheek swab samples from the potential father(s).

The laboratory will then analyze fetal (baby) DNA that circulates within the mother’s blood and compare it to the DNA sample provided by the potential father(s) to verify paternity.

Myth 3: Paternity testing is only accurate up to 99%

The AlphaBiolabs Paternity Test is 100% accurate and reliable, based on the samples we receive at our laboratory. We test up to 45 DNA markers (loci), so you can be confident of getting an accurate result.

Myth 4: Home paternity tests are not reliable

Advancements in DNA technology mean that home paternity tests offer a 100% accurate and reliable way of verifying the identity of a child’s biological father.

Reputable testing laboratories, such as AlphaBiolabs, ensure peace of mind at-home paternity test kits include detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for DNA sample collection. When followed, this ensures samples are collected correctly for analysis at the laboratory, providing reliable results.

Myth 5: It can take weeks or months to receive a paternity test result

Scientific advancements in DNA technology mean it is now possible to receive a paternity test result extremely quickly.

At AlphaBiolabs, we offer fast, accurate, reliable paternity testing, with results available in just 3 business days.

Where can I buy a paternity test?

An AlphaBiolabs peace of mind paternity test is performed by analyzing up to 45 DNA markers for a 100% accurate result.

As soon as you order your paternity test online, your kit will be sent out the same day. Once you have received your kit and collected your cheek swab samples, you will need to mail the samples back to our accredited laboratory using the self-addressed envelope included in your kit.

Your secure results will be emailed to you in just 3 business days.*

For more information, visit our Learning Center, call our friendly and discreet Customer Services team on 727-325-2902 or email info@alphabiolabsusa.com.

Please note: the results of a peace of mind at-home paternity test are for your information only and cannot be used in court or for other official matters. If you require a DNA paternity test for legal reasons, you will need to instruct us for a Legal DNA Test.

*From receipt of your samples at our laboratory.

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